Introducing the Tpas National Tenant Engagement Standards

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

Within such an enormous period of change and opportunity for the sector you may have noticed that Tpas has redefined itself for the future. We’ve rebranded to present ourselves as the accessible, knowledge and credible organisation that we are.


Over the last few months it’s become apparent from listening to members and clients that we, as tenant engagement experts, could offer something that is truly unique and valued to the sector, by being absolutely clear with what is involved in shaping and delivering excellent services.


This ‘gap in the market’ led us to one conclusion, that we must introduce to the sector the ‘national tenant engagement standards’. With the standards we’re bringing together flexible, practical and clear principles of how tenants, landlords and contractors can find smarter solutions to improve services, save money and bring real and long-lasting change to communities.  


The principles underpinning the standards will help us create a common and achievable goal that tenants, landlords and contractors can work towards. It's not about being prescriptive but it is about stating that meaningful engagement is proven to drive business improvement and community development. 


Fill in your details and download the standards from our website


Reaction to the standards

Let’s deliver brilliant engagement, as standard.