MHCLG launch building safety consultation

Monday 8th of July 2019

The  Ministry of Housing Community and Local Government have launched a consultation on building safety. 

The consultation informs a new paper which is promoted as being a “radical new building and safety system which puts residents safety at its heart”.

Tpas have digested 192 pages of in depth policy and turned it into a 12 page briefing paper for our members. Alongside the briefing paper we're running a survey to inform our response back to the MHCLG. 

We've timed it and it should take 14 minutes to complete.

The consultation period was designed to be only 8 weeks long, which is a very short for such an important issue.

We're closing  on the 12th July to give us enough time to turn around the results from our survey and respond back formally. 

Click here to complete the survey