Tpas introduce brand new course in social value

Monday 25th of January 2021

Tpas partner with Peter Scholten to deliver a course on a brand new method of involving customers in valuing outcomes. 

Based in Amsterdam, Scholten & partners have authored many books on SROI, presented case studies and presentations all over the world and developed the ValueGame.

Their focus is on improving the ValueGame and 'perceived value' on the whole as they believe the end-user is the most important stakeholder in social change.

Further details

The ValueGame is a method for measuring the perceived value of the social and environmental value of your activities to your target audience - your customer value. Cost savings only reflect a part of the value created by social enterprises and social investors. To create value for the end-user is often the primary objective of the investment, and should therefore be measured to capture the whole value created by your activities.

The ValueGame can be used for both (social) market research and for performance measurement and valuation. 

We have planned 3 sessions, each 1.5 hours long at 3 week intervals. Delegates MUST attend all 3 sessions to complete the training.

Session 1 - Introduction to ValueGame - 24th February 2021

An introduction to ValueGame including homework and question and answer session. 

Session 2 - How to Run ValueGame - 17th March 2021

Delegates will discuss their homework and what are the main challenges (and solutions!)

Session 3 - Presentation of Value Game - 7th April 2021

Presentations will be made of several ValueGames including a question and answer session and follow up support.

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