Tpas respond to consultation on reforms to social housing allocations

Wednesday 31st of January 2024

We would urge all our members to read carefully the consultation and proposals that have been shared today. 

Jenny Osbourne, MBE Chief Exec said in response to the government’s announcements:

“From our initial reading it’s not clear to us what the problem is that these proposals will actually solve. The ministerial introduction sets out a rationale that seems to be based on some mistaken assumptions and we are dismayed by the potential divisiveness of the governments allocations proposals and the lack of rounded understanding of the complexities of tackling issues around Anti-Social Behaviour.

Of course it is right that people should be able to live in quiet peaceful neighbourhoods. But simply banning persistent offenders from social housing for a period of time only moves the problem down the road. We are far more interested in action to tackle the root causes of much ASB such as poverty, health and addiction.

We support the government’s plans for reforming social housing regulation, including updating the Decent Homes Standard. We know from our conversations day in day out that these are high priorities for tenant members as well alongside increased rents, the cost-of-living crisis and the lack of affordable housing. And we share the concerns of our sector colleagues that these proposals could force more people into homelessness, increasing the pressure on temporary accommodation with potentially disastrous results for council finances.

In this election year, we need serious conversations around the housing crisis, a national sense of common purpose, and a clear plan. As far as we can see, the practical impact of the proposed changes would be minimal, and out of all proportion to the burden of implementing them. We need to be thinking far, far better than that."

Read the consultation