“We need a renaissance of council housing”

Tuesday 8th of August 2017

In his interview at the Tpas National Tenant Engagement Conference, Chief Executive of ARCH, John Bibby said that since 2001 the number of council housing has reduced from 2.8 million to 1.6 million. He went on to discuss the knock on affects of the housing crisis including homelessness and unaffordable rents.

Housing policy is “all a bit vague” at the moment commented John Bibby, Chief Executive of Arch at the Tpas National Tenant Engagement Conference.

Speaking ahead of chairing a debate at the largest gathering of social housing tenants in the country, John spoke about his plans to ask delegates his fundamental question, ‘what do tenants want to see from the government to improve services & the provision of housing?

He also went on to observe how the tragic events surrounding Grenfell Tower has created more of a focus on the need for better community engagement and asked that those of position of power really listen to tenants and communities.

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