Our membership packages

Tpas membership is designed to meet your needs and help you achieve the very best from effective tenant and community engagement.

We have four membership packages which are outlined below. Why not check them out and see which one works for you?


1. Landlord Membership 

As a Tpas Landlord Member your staff and your tenants all gain a superb package of advice, guidance and relevant resources. We’ll also always give you price discounts so you can be assured of great value for money. Membership also shows that you’re really committed to performing better and delivering excellent engagement, as standard.


2. Tenant Membership

This membership is exclusively for individual tenants and tenant associations, groups and panels, whose Landlord are not already Tpas members. (If your Landlord is a member, you automatically have membership too) Membership gives you have access to some of our key member benefits including our member only events and our on line Resource Hub, as well as showing your passionate support for meaningful engagement and involvement.


3.Commercial Membership

Our commercial membership ensures that you can demonstrate to your clients that you value tenants and communities, and are passionate about delivering the very best service when working in their homes and neighbourhoods. It will help you to develop sector leading processes and practices for engaging with tenants and communities to enable you to always deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and build a trusted reputation. 


4. Affiliated Membership

This is for residents, leaseholders, students or any individual, who wishes to be part of a national movement standing up for meaningful engagement, as well as Oversees Landlords, Non Landlord Charities, or any other organisation that doesn’t fit into any of our other membership categories. Membership means you can access some of our key member benefits such as our member area of the website and invitations to our regional events, as well as showing your passionate support for meaningful engagement and involvement.