My top 10 articles and reports for you to read during lockdown

Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Like everyone else I am getting used to a new normal. I am not sure what my new normal is yet but I am working on it (pretty sure it should not involve so much chocolate or wine) but one of the things I am enjoying as part of this is having some time to catch up on all those reports, research papers and articles that I said I would read but never quite found the time, and do you know what I am really enjoying it.


Exploring and understanding different engagement theories and approaches has really deepened my understanding of some of the concepts and thoughts out there, and it has really made me think much more about why and how engagement is done.

I thought that perhaps some of you out there may fancy doing the same so I have compiled my top ten reading list to get you started.

This is a mix of newish stuff with a few classics thrown in for those who might have missed it first time round.

  1. Understanding social housing landlords approaches to tenant participation – UK Collaborative Centre Housing Evidence

  2. Principles of Good Impact Reporting – Various

  3. The Community Paradigm- why public services need radical change and how it can be achieved  - New Local Government Network

  4. Leading the way in Resident Engagement – London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

  5. Engaging and Empowering tenants in council owned housing – Tpas and Local Government Association

  6. East – four simple ways to apply behavioural insights – Behavioural Insights Team

  7. Taking on the Scrutiny Housing Challenge – centre for public scrutiny

  8. A meeting of minds: How co-production benefits people, professionals and organisations – National Lottery

  9. Success, Satisfaction and Scrutiny: The Business benefits of involving residents – university of Westminster

  10. Re thinking social value - Mazars

All the docs are in our resource hub so why not head over there and you can check them out there.

You might also find some other stuff that you fancy having a look at too.


Louise Thompson

Tpas, Head of Business Services