Opinion: Better leasehold engagement is long overdue

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

The Tpas Leasehold Engagement Seminar in London concluded that development of relationships between landlords, leaseholders and independent advice is falling short.

For me, It's about confidence, commitment and consideration. If we don't want to spend our time dealing with negatives that could easily be avoided with a little more thought at the start. Solutions aren't hard to achieve if the will is there and the importance of effective engagement is valued by all involved.

Our seminar considered the facts of the Tpas national research which scrutinised evidence of leasehold engagement in practice nationally. Every avenue led back to getting relationships right from the start, following through with good communications, consultation and good quality accountability and transparency.

At Tpas, we know that getting it right is nowhere near as tough or costly as dealing with a continued pattern of getting it wrong. Read our research findings in our Leasehold Engagement Guide by visiting and feel free to share this resource with your colleagues - let's start getting this right!

Kate Newbolt