Part 1 Video: My challenge to the sector for the Housing Green Paper

Tuesday 6th of November 2018

Jenny Osbourne, Tpas Chief Executive

We all welcomed the Green Paper when it was launched in August. 

Yes we would have all loved more emphasis on stigma and on supply, but the reality is this Green Paper gives the opportunity to swing the tenant engagement pendulum right back again.

We at Tpas will be grasping that opportunity by submitting a strong response to the consultation on the Green Paper by the end of today. 

I am absolutely confident that all the good landlords, all Tpas members in particular,  will be welcoming the opportunity this consultation offers and will be submitting their own responses to the consultation. 

Watch my video below as I challenge those in the middle ground to step up and grasp the opportunity too. 

We must submit our response and we much push, together, to get the change we need

Deadline day is today. We have until 11:45pm. 

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