Wow - What a couple of days. My experience at the Engaging Communities Conference

Thursday 8th of March 2018

Tpas Operations Manager, Louise Thompson shares her thoughts on what it was like at the Tpas Engaging Communities conference 2018


2018 is the year of the dog but if our recent Engaging Communities conference is anything to go by I reckon it might just be the year of engagement too!

Wow - What a couple of days! To see so many professionals coming together focussing completely on community engagement and tenant involvement, was simply inspirational.

The tone was superbly set by Angela Lockwood the CEO from Northstar, whose keynote speech resonated with everyone, and showed how engagement can deliver incredible outcomes if it’s is led from the top and ingrained into the culture of the organisation. Mind you I got the feeling that Northstar, won’t be resting on their laurels, and will continue to innovate to ensure that resident engagement continues to drive their business forward.  

And this need to innovate and continuously improve, was a big theme that stood out for me at the conference. Whether this was in the context of ensuring we continue to offer cutting edge engagement options that create tangible outcomes that improve communities, services and accountability, or being prepared for what the Green paper might bring, it doesn’t really matter, because the engagement professionals are already on it, trust me!

Their energy, expertise and ideas really shone through at every single workshop, and I came away from this year’s conference thinking what a fantastic asset our engagement workers are to the UK housing sector, and how much I’m looking forward to 2018…. the year of engagement!


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