Coastline Housing - First in Cornwall for Corgi accreditation

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

The national accreditation is the result of a thorough inspection of processes and procedures which found the landlord’s gas safety levels to be above and beyond standard expectations.

Mark England, Head of Technical Services, said: “We’re delighted to receive this national accreditation, which endorses the hard work we do day in, day out, on making sure our homes are gas-safe.”

Penryn-based Blue Flame is the gas, heating and electrical contractor for Coastline Housing, Together the companies work across over 4,000 homes throughout Cornwall, ensuring every home that needs it has an annual gas service and safety check and providing a 24/7 emergency repairs service.

Mark adds: “It’s a true local partnership that means our customers have direct access to a gas specialist whenever they need it, around the clock. Ensuring that all our homes with gas central heating are thoroughly serviced annually is of crucial importance to us, as there’s nothing we take more seriously than the safety and wellbeing of our customers.”

Pictured here are Coastline’s Mark England, Louise Beard, Michael Bennett and Derek Chapman with the newly awarded accreditation