New Movement and Strength Programme launching 22nd February

Thursday 11th of February 2021

Ben Dunks from the Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme has been developing a Balance focused strength and movement programme for older people over the past year.  

Developed using the latest research on older bodies and balance training, Renaissance is designed to build strength, mobility, confidence and ultimately better balance.

On Monday the 22nd February, Ben is starting weekly live sessions of the Renaissance programme, with 3 levels available to participants.

  • Gentle - a mostly chair based programme with some elements of balance.
  • Moderate - a mostly standing programme with some elements of chair exercises.
  • Advanced - a more challenging session for those who are already feeling strong and on balance.

The past year has seen the physical strength of our older population diminish substantially, due to all the elements associated with Covid 19.  This Renaissance programme is a targeted set of movement and strength exercises designed to build balance and strength in easy to access ways.

Each session is 45 minutes long and will be available to stream for the rest of the week to ensure more than 1 session can be done per week. 

The Cost is £20 per month for individuals and can be arranged through the website.

For further information about Ben and the Renaissance Movement and Strength Programme click here