Smoking in the home - new report from ASH

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

ASH (Smoking In Action and Health) have just published 'Smoking in the home: New solutions for a Smokefree Generation'. This report considers the impact of smoking in the home and what policy measures could be taken across all housing tenures reduce its prevalence, with the aim of protecting children and adults and supporting healthy communities.

The report calls for collaboration between partners including housing, public health, environmental health, trading standards and the fire service to address the harms from smoking and intervene in communities with the highest rates of smoking.

The recommendations within the report have been informed by a range of sectors, engagement with tenants in the private and social sectors, and through analysis of national datasets and published evidence.

As a member organisation, it is vital that we work to ensure our members voices are heard across a wide range of Housing debates and discussions. Therefore when ASH approached us to organise a series of Focus Groups to get our members views on smoking in the home, we jumped at the chance to do so. 

Bringing staff and tenant members together to participate in the sessions, ASH heard our members views and thoughts on some key issues including health, neighbourhood conflict, finances, property, education, support services, harm reduction, social norms, fire, legislation, tenancies, and civil liberties.

We are sure the report will provoke some interesting debate across social media. Do let us know what you think at @tpasengland. 

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who took time out to take part in the ASH research. 

Download the report here