Take part in our upcoming Tenancy Sustainability Roundtables

Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Staff and tenant members wanted to take part in our upcoming Tenancy Sustainability Roundtables

About the Roundtables

Tenants who successfully manage their tenancies, live in their homes happily and for as long as they wish, is something we all want to see, so why is that that many tenancies end within 12 months?
Commissioned by our commercial members Fortem, these two Roundtables will examine and explore the above question and the wider issue of tenancy sustainability, gathering good practice, actual experiences, and new ideas that could be used to drive improvement and innovation in this area.

Roundtable Format

The first roundtable is for staff who work in this area or who have an interest in it, and the second one for tenants who have either taken up a tenancy recently, have looked at tenancy sustainability as part of their work as an involved tenant, or haver a particular interest in it.
Both Roundtables will take place digitally either via Zoom and will be facilitated by Tpas.
Date and Times

• Roundtable 1: Staff - Tuesday 18th April - 10.30am - 12pm

• Roundtable 2: Tenants - Thursday 20th April - 6pm – 7.30pm


There are only a limited number of places available on the each roundtable so please book your place as soon as possible via our website.

Staff session - BOOK HERE

Tenant session - BOOK HERE

We will then be in touch with more details.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Holt @ lisa.holt@tpas.org.uk