Tpas Member Online Roundtable sessions

Tuesday 26th of May 2020

Tpas is running a programme of online roundtable sessions over the coming weeks, giving our members the opportunity to share their views on a variety of important subjects.

Tpas Virtual Roundtables – all you need to know

What are they?

Our roundtable discussions are an opportunity for our members to get together in a digital setting to offer insight and solutions to some of the big engagement issues facing the Housing Sector today.

They involve a relatively small number of participants (max 12) who are invited to attend after registering their interest with Tpas. One of most important aspects of a roundtable is that all participants are on an equal footing so everybody has an equal right to participate.

We are running these sessions in conjunction with our landlord members, as partnership working is at the very heart of what Tpas does.

Each session will have 6 staff members and 6 tenants taking part

Round table programme




Local Authority Engagement – what’s the future?


11th June at 11am


LB of Enfield

How do we ensure tenant engagement stays top of the agenda?

16th June at 11am



Resident Engagement and Building Safety – where next?

Week commencing  22nd June


What will engagement look like after lockdown?

1st July at 11am



The repairs service – what should it look like in a COVID world?

Week commencing 6th July


We don’t do Digital - What about those left behind?

 16th July at 11am


   South Yorkshire HA

Engagement in care and support – what does excellence look like?

 20th July at 11am


Local Authority Engagement – what’s the future?

22nd July at 11am

Leeds CC

Tackling stigma – where are we now?

29th July at 11am

 Kettering BC / See the Person Campaign

How do I book on one?

Register your interest by emailing

Please confirm which 3 roundtables you would be interested in taking part in, we will then contact you to confirm which roundtables you have been allocated to.

Interested in hosting a session?

We are looking for Landlord members to co-host these roundtable sessions.  If you would be interested in hosting, please email   

The host role will include welcoming participants, conducting introductions, highlighting the ground rules, and briefly setting the scene in relation to the topic. You will then hand over to the facilitator who will get the discussion going.