Rotherham Borough Council launch 'Tenant Involvement Webpage'

Friday 15th of May 2020

Rotherham Borough Council have recently launched a new ‘Tenant Involvement’ webpage to allow all of their residents to stay connected and engaged during the Covid-19 Outbreak.

The webpage gives residents access to all information across the borough and offers access to all issues allowing residents to be up to date and involved in all aspects of their local communities.

By posting their ‘Tenant Engagement Framework’ they have allowed residents to actively select the level of engagement that works best for them, empowering residents to become involved in their communities at all levels.

Whether it is young residents wanting to join the young tenants’ group or a resident wanting to join the Board there are options for everyone to be involved some way in their community.

Access to all of the publications of their quarterly ‘Home Matters’ magazine is easily accessible for their residents to download and keep up to date with what is happening in and around their community.

In addition to this they have an online form for residents to fill out if they need assistance during the pandemic or a phone number for those residents who don’t have access to the technology.

Finally, they have also added a quick link to our website so anyone that is wanting to have their own personal access to our website within Rotherham Borough Council can access all of the great resources and benefits we have on hand for our members to use.

If you are a resident of Rotherham Borough Council you can find out more at: