Effective Challenging & Questioning Skills

Develop your communication skills, be more assertive, learn how to challenge effectively and express your point of view.

Further Details

Being able to effectively challenge decisions and get your point of view heard is a useful skill for all tenant and community group members. This course offers practical tools and techniques to help improve your communication skills, be more assertive and express your point of view with confidence.

Course Content

  • Consider the changing operating environment and what that means for engagement
  • Try out techniques for making points clearly  and  use language that helps you get your point across
  • Explore methods of getting your voice heard outside of meetings
  • Practice asking the right questions using role play
  • Feel more confident to  interpret and question performance information and use it to hold landlords to account
  • Plan how to apply these skills in practice


This course is ideal for tenants and staff who would like to develop their communication skills. It is really helpful for scrutiny groups and resident panels as well as individuals who wish to take part in group discussions and activities.

Benefits of Attending the Course

You will be more confident and efective when communicating with staff, residents and each other. You will be more assertive and able to challenge effectively.

What People Say

'Well delivered in an interesting way'

'It taught me not to give up in what I believe in'

'Finding out about different types of questions, listening skills and the assertiveness audit was really useful'

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Wed 7th Jun 2017, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Name: Tpas Training Team

Email: training@tpas.org.uk

Phone: 0161 868 3520

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