Webinar: Youth Engagement Blockers

The challenges facing young people and the impact this has on your organisation

Social housing providers need to shape their services around the needs of their residents. ‘Young people’ make up a significant proportion of residents, but how well do you know them and how well are you shaping products and services to their needs?

About this webinar: 

We’ve invited youth engagement expert Graham Sykes, Head of Agency at Fourteen19®, to discuss the main challenges faced by young people and how these might impact on their engagement with key issues such as health, housing, money, social mobility and climate change.

Key challenges we’ll discuss:

  • Over half of young people leave school without GCSEs in English and Maths     
  • Over 70% of Apprenticeships are given to people over the age of 19 (41% of them go to people over the age of 24) and 
  • Only 63% of 24-year-olds are in Full-Time employment. 

Graham will discuss key points raised in his published book ‘DESTINATION ADULTHOOD’ – an essential life guide for teens and young adults. Over this webinar, he will share his unique knowledge and 25 years’ experience in youth communications to enable you to formulate and refine your own successful youth engagement strategies. 

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Tue 4th Feb 2020, 10:30am - 11:30am

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Youth Engagement Blockers
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