An update on the Tpas National Standards and Accreditations

Friday 11th of October 2019

Tpas are updating our National Engagement Standards and Accreditations to make sure they are ready to drive improvements in engagement in the future. 

Changing times

The last few years have seen tenant engagement rightly become a key topic of interest again. The engagement agenda has suffered from years of being a service that was stripped of resources; the voice of tenants has risen to the top of the agenda. We all need to make sure that we are fit for the challenge and ready to drive improvements in engagement. 

Here at Tpas we are not letting the opportunity go.

Our National Standards for Tenant Engagement are unique and provide a foundation for the active engagement of housing stakeholders – but times have changed. We have seen many different voices from Dame Judith Hackitt, to Theresa May and even TV’s George Clarke have had their say on how the sector needs to respond.

In the last six months, we have spoken at the Chartered Insitute of Housing national conference, The National Housing Federation Summit, Community Investment Conference as well as Procurement debates, Green Paper events and several other arenas. This shows that the sector is looking to us to provide some narrative and direction.

2019 Tpas Standards and Accreditations

We know that our standards need to reflect the operating environment that we are currently working within, and so needed to be reviewed. As these standards are the bedrock on which our other consultancy services emanate from, this also means that our Health Check, Smart Review and Accreditation services need to be put on a temporary pause.


Our new standards will reflect several key sector influencing areas including, Regulatory Standards, Hackitt Report, Housing Ombudsman, Green Paper and our own 30 years plus knowledge and experience of what good engagement looks like. These standards will, for the first time, reference the areas where meeting the standard will provide confidence that you are doing what is needed across several streams.

Exciting times

We really believe that we are entering a time that is exciting for all those who believe in good, effective tenant engagement. Our reviewed services will be challenging, but they will provide a chance for many more organisations to start their engagement journey and be recognised for the good work they do whilst being given a pathway to becoming the best they want to be.

Rest assured – our current standards and accreditations are robust and challenging enough – our new ones will give you even greater assurance that you are meeting the greater expectations we are all now working under.


We have almost completed our standards review and partway through finalising the accreditation framework.   

We hope this will all be completed by late March.  If you want to be put on a waitlist to be notified once we have completed the reviews, please contact a member of Tpas staff or email