Luton Borough Council joins Tpas

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

We would like to welcome our newest member Luton Borough Council Housing Services. Luton has around 8,400 properties and around 900 leaseholders and is currently shaping its tenant participation under the new housing management leadership.

Luton decided to join Tpas because they are currently looking at their Resident Engagement and Tenant Participation model and see Tpas as a critical tool in helping to shape a new service offer for resident engagement.

Ian Cartmell, Housing Services Manager at Luton said ‘Tpas has the expertise and is the market leader in providing guidance, support, inspiration and a critical friend to help us to develop our community engagement process further and really enhance Luton Borough Council Housing and tenants to get excellent outcomes around community engagement and tenant participation.

In taking advantage of Tpas membership benefits, the Council is keen to access a range of good practice material and to link up with other members who are leading the way in tenant engagement and make new relationships with other stakeholders who can benefit Luton residents and partners.

Tenants are at the heart of everything within the Council. Limited resources and government cuts to funding mean that it is fundamental to enhance and empower residents and community groups to develop and thrive in their neighbourhoods with strong tenant engagement.

It is vital to Luton to have excellent connections to help shape services which includes a commitment to providing opportunities for engagement including community volunteering and bringing in extra funding to support community projects.