Scrutiny Week 2021: What you missed!

Tuesday 5th of October 2021


Scrutiny Week 2021 was enjoyed by many, and we had some fantastic engagement from those who attended the events or watched them live on YouTube.

The week began with an introductory video from our Chief Executive, Jenny Osbourne, in which she outlined the week, and gave an overview of all the free sessions organisations, tenants, and landlords could get involved with.


Highlights from the week:


Great Minds Think Alike? Workshop

The Great Minds Think Alike? Workshop was streamed live on YouTube for anyone to watch. This interactive session explored the concept of diversity and challenged if the common saying ‘great minds think alike’ is something to be celebrated or not in scrutiny. This workshop looked at how different perspectives and views can improve the diversity of scrutiny panels, and how the power of difference should be embraced.

No Nonsense Guide to Scrutiny Workshop

The No Nonsense Guide to Scrutiny Workshop was streamed live on our YouTube channel. This workshop looked at the basics in scrutiny, perfect for anyone new to the scrutiny world, or anyone needing a refresh. This session offered top tips and advice on how to deliver scrutiny successfully. This involved covering the ‘big three’ that our members have told us need to be in place to achieve successful scrutiny: sound principles, robust process, good people. Each of these is explored in the workshop individually.


Digital Scrutiny Workshop

Our Digital Scrutiny Workshop was presented in part by one of our friends at Coastline Housing. This session explored the positives and possible negatives of doing digital scrutiny. This session raised some good questions on how to get older or less tech-savvy tenants involved in digital scrutiny and learning to use new technologies. One point raised from this session is that often tenants and landlords are learning to use new technologies together, so working together is best! And that online coffee mornings can be enjoyable for staff and tenants!

Jackie Weaver Agony Aunt Video

Another highlight from this week was our video with Jackie Weaver. We interviewed Jackie in an Agony Aunt style, to get her answers to some of your questions.


Good Practice Showcase

To end the week, we had a number of organisations give short presentations on how they do scrutiny in our Good Practise Showcase. This showcase was streamed live on YouTube.