Tell your tenants that you're a Tpas member

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Landlord membership enables all staff and tenants of that organisation to engage with and access Tpas services.

When we carried out our membership review last year tenants told us that they didn't always know that their landlord was a Tpas member or indeed that they themselves can access our services as part of this membership.

To help our landlord members get the message out to their tenants we have produced a Membership Campaign Pack which you will find in the knowledge hub. Just search for 'tell your tenants campaign pack'.

You will find posters, leaflets, logos; banners and social media messages that you can download or print off. Display the posters in your reception areas and community venues; hand out leaflets at your tenant events and meetings and post regular messages on your Twitter accounts. Also show that you're a Tpas member by proudly displaying the member logo on your website.

Your tenants can access our good practice; get help with their engagement issues via our enquiry service; engage with other tenants across our discussion forum; speak about the issues that matter to them via Tenants View and much more. Make sure they know about all of these fantastic opportunities!

We have also prepared presentation slides which explain who we are, what we do and how we can support you. Non members can use this when you are talking to and influencing managers and customers about the benefits of joining Tpas.