The Tpas Annual Tenant Conference is now Sold Out!

Wednesday 15th of June 2022

Tpas are happy to announce that our Annual Tenant Conference 2022 is now sold out! We can't wait to see everyone in Solihull on July 6th-7th, for 2 days of discovering, examining and exploring the Housing Sector and Housing Policy.

The conference is designed to bring together engaged tenants and residents from across the country, to share how they play a role in their wider community.


Speaking at this year's Tenant Conference, we have sector leaders and professionals. Our Keynote speakers for each day are Kate Dodsworth, from the Regulator for Social Housing, and Richard Blakeway, The Housing Ombudsman.


On Day One of the conference, Kate Dodsworth will give an update on progress on Consumer Regulation and the work of the Regulator for Social Housing. This will be followed by a Q&A session, giving you the chance to ask questions directly to Kate.


Our Day Two keynote speaker is Richard Blakeway. It has been an incredibly busy couple of years for the Housing Ombudsman with increased visibility, expectations and new guidance for the sector. RIchard will bring you up-to-date on all that and talk more about the systemic investigations that The Housing Ombudsman have undertaken on the issues that matter most to you. What more needs to change in complaint handling in the sector? You will have a chance to tell the Ombudsman directly, and ask any questions.


During the 2-day conference there will be several workshops to attend. Each workshop will focus on learning practical tools and technqiues on the topics that matter to tenants and residents. These workshops will be themed around people, policy, and practice. Details of these workshops is to be confirmed soon on the Tenant Conference Website and on our social media.