Tpas challenge the Lords to amend the Housing Bill

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

Today the Housing and Planning Bill will return for debate at the House of Lords.

Tpas have sent our policy briefing position to a number of Lords ahead of its second reading in the Upper Chamber to influence debate and inform future amendments to the bill.

The Housing and Planning Bill gives the government powers to introduce huge changes to social housing. The scale and significance of these changes seem to have received little attention so far, and we are hopeful that the Lords can remedy this.

The provisions in the Bill will mean far fewer people can benefit from social housing in future, and mean it will be extremely difficult to remedy this reduction in future years. They are also starting to open up gaps between council and housing association tenants, in terms of their rights and treatment.

Commenting on the Housing and Planning Bill on behalf of members, Tpas chief executive, Jenny Osbourne said; 

"The changes to social housing introduced by this Bill are fundamental and damaging. Tenants have a keen interest in what happens to their homes and they seek to protect provision for potential tenants in years to come. As beneficiaries of social housing, they have experience and wisdom that would usefully inform future approaches to policy. Their voices must be heard as the legislation is considered, and we hope that the tenant concerns and priorities presented in our briefing can be aired in the second reading debate".