Why Join Tpas Now?

Thursday 7th of December 2017

There's never been a better time to join Tpas.

Over the past few months, like us, you'll have seen how the government, the media, the general public and yes, the housing sector, have learnt hard and fast that delivering good engagement is the smart thing to do.

We believe that quality engagement should be at the heart of every landlord to understand, shape and evaluate housing needs, products and services.

Stand up for communities


With your membership support, until March 2019, we can take a long term approach to delivering our mission of standing up for communities and raising the standard and value of engagement for all. We have a unique opportunity now to make an enduring difference to influencing government policy, advocating for social housing and tenants and continuing our community initiatives.

Let's create a winning team

With your organisation’s membership fee we could create a winning team with your staff, residents and board, all accessing our expertise, best practice, free events and digital forums. We’ll place your organisation at the forefront of the latest engagement techniques and activities and ensure you unlock the valuable business benefits of engagement.

Working together for a stronger voice

We’d love to be able to present you with a membership certificate to demonstrate your commitment to Tpas and positive engagement throughout your organisation, your community, your partners, your stakeholders and the regulator. Along with our fellow members (around 200 landlords right now) we think together we can build a real, positive catalyst for change.

With your membership support Tpas can make a big difference.

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