A fantastic and inspirational day

Monday 18th of February 2019

We asked Sherilee Jepmond, Tenant Participation Officer at Hull City Council (pictured on the right) to tell us all about her recent experience of hosting our regional members event. 

What a brilliant, fantastic and inspirational day! 

Hull hosted the Tpas North East Regional meeting last week and I can put my hand on my heart and say that it exceeded my expectations by far. It was great to welcome people from so many different areas to our city.

I felt really proud of the high level of interest shown in the presentation by Andy Smith who coordinates the Council’s assistive living project. Funded by Department of Health, this project is changing the lives of people learning disabilities and their families’ lives. It provides assistive technology as diverse as Alexa controls, thumb print recognition door entry, baths that can’t overflow, pressure and movement pads, wifi lighting and more. The technology helps people to live more independently and gives them, and their loved ones, the peace of mind that they are safe.

After a networking lunch we went on to the consultation workshop.   Louise explained that Tpas intend producing a best practice guide for carrying out consultation in our communities. Splitting the members in to groups, Louise asked what they thought best practice looked like, especially in relation to accountability, inclusiveness, transparency, commitment, responsiveness. This could have been quite a dry session but focussing the discussion around a consultation bingo game certainly spiced it up and was invaluable for getting everyone involved.

Regional events are always a pleasure to attend and for sharing experiences and best practise with likeminded individual’s. We loved hosting it in Hull and showcasing some of the work we do.  There was an additional bonus for me ……  I didn’t have to round up the volunteers and drive the minibus!

Thank you and well done Tpas. We are all looking forward to the next regional event in September in Redcar.



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