How Tpas accreditation has benefited us - Blackpool Coastal Housing

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Blackpool Coastal Housing has a long standing commitment to tenant involvement and engagement. Customer scrutiny and feedback plays a pivotal role in the organisation and is seen as an invaluable way to bring about service improvements and working with our residents in the community, we are able to support a number of initiatives which inspire people to build better communities.

We’ve been members of Tpas for the last 4 years and this has been invaluable to informing our approach and we’ve always aspired to secure the Tpas Pro Accreditation. At BCH, we’re committed to continuously improving the services we offer to our customers and gaining the accreditation has provided added assurance that what we are delivering is effective, meets the needs of our customers and is value for money.

The accreditation process itself has been nothing but worthwhile and will benefit us well into the long term. The framework of the desktop assessment really supports critical thinking of your service. The way the themes are structured and how questions are posed, mean you get right to the heart of what your offer is about and how you are evidencing your outcomes. It provides a way of comprehensively understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and then how to do it better.

Working through the process with our customers has also understandably had significant benefits. With Tpas as the leading experts in engagement nationally, having their validation has provided that added reassurance to our residents that what they’re doing whether volunteering in their communities or in helping to shape services, their contributions are valued and making a difference.

We’re enormously proud to have achieved the accreditation.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Gillian McLaren, Tpas National Consultant whose support and guidance throughout the process has been invaluable.

Caroline Lamprey - Involvement and Communications Manager, Blackpool Coastal Housing