#tpasconf19 - an undeniable buzz that’s completely infectious

Wednesday 24th of July 2019

Impressed by her photos in her tweets during #Tpasconf19, we asked Beki Lee-Burrowes, Communications & Engagement lead at Cynon Taf Community Housing Group to write us a blog about her experience of being at the National Tenant Conference. 

2019 was my second year attending the Tpas conference, and just like the first, it delivers a positive vibe and an undeniable buzz that’s completely infectious.

I love my job, which is in Communications & Engagement, so for me a highlight was the fascinating Behavioural Insight stuff. The session drills down into the potential reasons behind why there is a lack of tenant engagement; fear of stigma, wrong motivation, lack of skills; and encourages you to identify the barrier and overcome it.

The ideas I took away focused on redesigning our communications, making them obvious, easy, attractive & satisfying. A clear message, the right incentive, create a sense of belonging while sharing gratitude.

I love taking photos & capturing those moments that, really do, tell a story without saying a single word.

The photos of Dyfrig & Janice truly demonstrate that the conference delivers the opportunity network; to meet others from different walks of life, living in different communities, even different countries, but have something in common, something powerful to unite them.

In the words of Polly Neate– “I believe Social Housing can connect us”

The Women Housing Forum was inspiring. After watching BBC’s Prejudice & Pride, I had already been introduced, via the TV screen, to Luchia Fitzgerald.

But to sit in the same room, hear her story, the successes & outcomes from her life spent fighting for what is right, was an incredible experience.

She has undoubtedly instilled a passion in me to do the same.