Influence and scrutiny

Tenant scrutiny aims to give tenants more power in holding their landlord to account for their decisions, performance and conduct.

We understand how to build in influence at a strategic, policy, standards and projects management level. We can provide you with the mechanisms for reality checking and accountability.

Tpas is an accredited training centre offering scrutiny accredited and non accredited training courses and a partner in delivering the ‘Quality Assured Scrutiny’ which is a quality framework and accreditation scheme delivered in partnership with CIH and Housemark.

Download our 'Influence and Scrutiny' standard guidance

We can help you

  • Use effective scrutiny to examine topics such as your satisfaction levels, performance trends and complaints
  • Collect and define the evidence such as tenant feedback and benchmarking data
  • Carry out desktop reviews, plan and carry out reality checks and devise checklists and templates
  • Assess and review implications for all residents
  • Monitor actions and measure the impact
  • Review your processes to amend and revise your systems and documents so they are even more effective in the future

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