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All our courses and events are dynamic, practical and designed to inform tenants and staff about solutions that help to drive improvements for tenants and communities.

We know learning can take place in lots of different ways. We offer national events, national training courses through out Skills Studio, online learning, accredited training courses and we can deliver training for you in-house

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Community Engagement (130)
Customer Insight (89)
Digital Engagement (22)
Leasehold/Shared Ownership (10)
Measuring Value (72)
Member Forums (28)
Membership Materials (3)
National Housing Policies (18)
Regeneration (4)
Regulation & Standards (30)
Scrutiny & Co-regulation (111)
Strategies, Plans & Reports (63)
Tenant Engagement (117)
Tenant Panels / Associations (42)
Tpas Products and Services (3)
Volunteering (17)
Youth Engagement (1)

Training and events:

Title Start Type Town
100 years of engaging and empowering residents in Council owned housing: 15/10/19 09:30 Event Birmingham
Better Chairing 06/09/19 10:00 Training Course Peterborough
Better Chairing 09/09/19 10:00 Training Course London
Better Chairing 26/11/19 10:00 Training Course Manchester
Better Chairing 03/12/19 10:00 Training Course Midlands
Better Chairing 04/12/19 10:00 Training Course Taunton
Bringing Diversity Home 25/09/19 10:00 Event London
Bringing Diversity Home 24/10/19 10:00 Event Manchester
Commercial Member Sector briefing 01/10/19 10:00 Event Stockport
Complaints: Delivering New Expectations 16/09/19 10:00 Event London
Complaints: Delivering New Expectations 30/09/19 10:00 Event Midlands
Complaints: Delivering New Expectations 14/10/19 10:00 Event Manchester
Data Protection and Customer Engagement 17/09/19 10:00 Training Course Manchester
Data Protection and Customer Engagement 30/10/19 10:00 Training Course London
Data Protection and Customer Engagement 21/11/19 10:00 Training Course Nottingham
Eastern Members Event 11/10/19 11:00 Event Houghton Regis
Effective Challenging & Questioning Skills 08/11/19 10:00 Training Course Norwich
Effective Challenging & Questioning skills 12/11/19 10:00 Training Course London
Effective Challenging & Questioning Skills 31/10/19 10:00 Training Course Manchester
Effective Challenging & Questioning Skills 02/10/19 10:00 Training Course Taunton