3 Green Paper Vlogs

Friday 9th of November 2018

Tpas Chief Executive Jenny Osbourne talks to camera in a significant week for housing when the Green Paper consultation comes to an end. 

Tpas believe that the Green Paper, and the wider debate it has triggered about the role and purpose of social housing, is a once in a generation opportunity to develop a vision for Social Housing that is shared between tenants, landlords, government and the wider public.

Watch our three part video series as Tpas Chief Executive, Jenny Osbourne comments on the Green Paper.

In part 1 Jenny anticipates how the sector will respond to the submission deadline. In part 2 Jenny walks through the key points Tpas made in our consultation submission and in the final part 3 video features Jenny asking landlords to step up and start making changes today.



Tpas will be exploring how tenant engagement activities can practically support tackling some of the challenges raised within the Green Paper as it passes through parliament at our Engaging Communities Conference