Callout for Lived Experience in multi-occupied residential buildings

Tuesday 7th of July 2020

At Tpas we are committed to providing the best possible service to our members. Those members are varied, cover the majority of England and number many thousands of residents, landlords, contractors, suppliers and associated service providers.

As we move closer to the reality of a new Building Safety Regulator coming into force, there will be several expectations on Landlords and those who own and manage buildings that fall under this new Regulator, not least to produce a Resident Engagement Strategy.

Could you be our ideal partner?

We want to pull together a group of interested residents to help us create a framework of what a comprehensive Resident Engagement Strategy could, and should, look like. We want to set a standard for our members, so that the expectations of regulation is transferred into something meaningful, actionable and measurable on the ground.

The work will fall into two phases:

Phase 1Initial development of the framework carried out with a relatively small number of participants online using an engagement platform such as Zoom.

Phase 2Consultation with larger numbers to provide robust test of any drafts prior to a final version being produced.

Are you:

  • A resident living in a multi-occupied residential building
  • Have an interest in how Landlords involve and interact with residents who live buildings like yours
  • Prepared to read a little background info
  • Happy to meet online (Phase 1 will be online only and likely to be using an online platform)
  • Comfortable speaking your mind and actively contributing to the debate


If you can answer yes to all of the above then you could just be the person we are looking for.

In Phase 1 we are looking for a group of around 15-20 residents from different parts of the country and different landlord types. Phase 2 will accommodate many more, is unlikely to have restrictions on numbers, will use email as a primary method of contact and the online tool Survey Monkey to gather feedback There will also be some capacity to allow for some telephone feedback.

If you want to be considered for Phase 1 please reply to using the subject title ‘Resident Engagement Strategies in Residential Buildings’ and state:

  • Your Landlord
  • Landlord type (e.g. Local Authority, Housing Association, Arms-Length Management Organisation)
  • Your Town/City
  • Your Tenure (Tenant, Leaseholder)
  • Age Group (under 40 / 40 - 60 / Over 60)


If we receive more interested residents for Phase 1 than can be reasonably accommodated, we will decide the final group by ensuring that we have a good cross-section of participants from the above categories.

The closing date for expressions of interest is Monday 20th July with the first ‘meeting’ of Phase 1 planned for the early part of August.