Collaborate: Tenant Influence in Boards and Governance

Tuesday 26th of September 2023

Anyone who works in involvement and engagement, whether as an employee or as a volunteer, knows that great change is coming down the track, and we all need to be sure that housing providers are ready.  

At Tpas we know how critical it is that leaders of housing providers are able to hear, understand and act on tenants’ experiences, and at last new legislation and impending regulation changes also emphasise this too.  


To give leaders of housing providers the opportunity to really explore how these changes will affect them and the organisations they lead, we have set up a new programme, Collaborate: Tenant Influence in Boards and Governance.  


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The programme is exclusively for Tpas members, and we want you to have the opportunity to find out more about it, at a free virtual briefing session. The session is on 12th October at 16:00 


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If you’d rather have a chat about it, please contact and we’ll get back to you. Feel free to pass this on to colleagues who are leaders of your organisation who may not see this.