How can tech create a place and a community?

Tuesday 12th of January 2021

What is the relationship between an online community and a real place? How can the two work harder for each other?

Tpas England is proud to present to its members Ognio. A technology & science-led online platform looking to bring a different slant on connecting with and supporting local communities to answer these questions.

A changing world needs a shift in focus

With the built environment set to grow to include 68% of the world’s population by 2050, there will be many challenges including infrastructure and the well-being of those communities. Housing is a critical link that can provide the future solutions – in simple terms housing sits at the crossroads of future information and data. We are living in a world where we are living in close proximity to each other yet we are more disconnected than ever.

Paradigm Shift

Town, cities and communities need dynamic technological innovation, which can interact, collaborate, and coordinate as they themselves develop. The application of new frameworks rely on influencing the role of individuals and communities as to how they access, share, create and source information. A new social and behavioural science approach could unlock a major piece of an untapped resource. This resource is trust technology.

Trust Technology

Trust has been referred to as the currency of the future; and for good reason, as it is the core of human exchanges deeply rooted in our social nature. The result is the creation of a more trusted locality which migrates from buildings, to a broader area or neighbourhood. It forms the epicentre of all human activity and value creation. By increasing trust through a new framework of engagement and interaction, people living in the built environment will directly benefit by revitalising their communities.

Ognio – powering the trust economy

Ognio’s platform provides the opportunity to create these defined hyper localities where trust is built and developed on a building, community or neighbourhood basis and bridges real life interactions with the online world. This provides more valuable, reliable and relevant information regarding the immediate surroundings of local residents.

Building Safety opportunity

With continuous communication a vital part of the proposed building safety regime, having a communication tool that is not only 2-way between landlord and tenant, but is also rooted in its own local community will be vital. Being also an App-based platform, Ognio could provide an additional solution to pass and receive information to residents living in high risk buildings.

Come along to hear more

We are hosting a 1-hour webinar to introduce Ognio to our members. Come along and hear how this could help your organisation and its residents interact more meaningfully.

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