New Green Paper Facilitation Session

Friday 14th of September 2018

The Green Paper makes it clear that resident engagement needs to improve and it lays out questions to consider a range of new measures including increased regulation.


Are you ready for increased regulation and scrutiny around complaints, transparency and accountability?


Tpas have developed a brand new facilitatation session designed to consult with your residents to inform your organisational response to the consultation. Along with your residents and staff we will identify the impact and importance of the current and expected requirements to enable you to business plan and reduce risk.


You can also use this evidence to offer an organisational response to the Green Paper before the deadline of 6th November 2018.


We facilitate stakeholder consultation with skill, knowledge and expertise and collate feedback and the response ready for sign off.

What will the session deliver:


  • Understand what your residents expect from your involvement service
  • Be more prepared about what may be required to comply with future regulation
  • Stay ahead of the game and ensure your residents and staff have a say demonstrating your commitment to the changing agenda
  • An increased awareness about what will need to happen in the future and the implications for resources and services
  • An understanding how you can mitigate risk in the future that will provide reassurance to your Board/Cllrs


The session costs £600 + vat plus expenses