Stockport Homes host Tpas North West Regional Event

Wednesday 28th of September 2022

It was great to be back on the road again last week as we held our North West members Regional Event in sunny Stockport (yes, it really was sunny. Honest!)

Over 40 Tpas members from Local Authorities, Housing Associations and commercial organisations from across the North West region joined us for some excellent learning, networking, and sharing.

This included three excellent presentations from Stockport Homes who shared with us the great work they are doing around Building Safety, Digital Inclusion, and general engagement. You can check out their presentations in our member resource hub.

There was also a lively discussion and debate around the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM), with people exploring how the data will be validated and how “gaming the system” could be an issue. One suggestion was that scrutiny panels should be involved in checking and validating the data! Got to say I am liking that idea – be interesting to know what our other members think of this? Members also hoped that the new TSM consumer standard, will ensure the data is correct and all above board, but as one person said the proof of the pudding will be in the eating! Indeed!

I have to say though one of my favourite bits of our regional events is seeing members taking time out from their busy schedules to chat and share their experiences and good practice with each other. During the afternoon we did this in a more structured way through our roundtables discussion groups, where members listed their engagement good practices on flip chart paper and presented it back to the whole group. Wow! There was everything listed here from community food pantries to the great work formal panels are doing. I think it’s safe to say then; the Northwest is definitely a hot bed of engagement excellence!

The good news is that we have done the same thing at all our regional events so far and we will be sharing our national good practice round up with all our members at the end of the year so do look out for that!

Remember; all our regional events are free to members, this includes lunch too. Check out our member event page to find out when we are coming to a place near you as we would love to see you there.


Louise, Head of Business Services