Valuing engagement

We’re expertly placed to help you plan and measure the effects of your tenant engagement, adding value to your organisation, stakeholders, communities and individuals

Whether you’re a tenant or landlord it’s important that you are able to understand and show the value of your tenant involvement and community development so you can arrive at cost-effective solutions for your organisation and your community.

Community and tenant insight is a powerful tool in improving and delivering housing services. Tpas have developed theories processes and mechanisms for drawing out the most value from your tenant involvement activities.

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We can help you

  • Link your tenant involvement and community development work to your organisational vision, values and business plan
  • Define the difference you want to make - Having a vision of what you want to achieve through your involvement or project right at the beginning of the planning process avoids you time and cost in the long run
  • Determine the value you will create -  We can help you maximise the potential for creating ‘value’ through involvement and community projects
  • Identify the measures – To assess value for money you will need information to achieve your regulatory duty
  • Gather the information – We can help you to determine how these measures are going to be collected. To ensure nothing gets missed and value lost
  • Assess the impact - By analysing your baseline information we can help you demonstrate the value and impact of your involvement

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