People Power

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Why did you get involved? How did you end up working in engagement? What do you enjoy about it?

I must have asked these questions so many times, to so many people over the years, and to date no-one has ever said I’m in it for the spreadsheets, process maps, frameworks, and strategies!

No, my view is that most folk are in it because they believe in the power of people coming together to make good stuff happen. They know that engagement means people collaborating, co-creating, networking, information sharing, partnership working, and learning, and this is what ultimately delivers the best results. And this has been shown so clearly in the fantastic response of communities during this Covid crisis we are all in at the moment.  

It is really important then that Tpas continue to place people at the centre of what we do, so our new autumn/winter training engagement programme, starting on the 2nd November, is built around people, the jobs they do, the roles they take on, and the ambitions they have. (By the way, it does include some cracking courses on spreadsheets, process maps, frameworks, and strategies too, as I do get they are useful in delivering people power!)

So forget the long list of themes, subjects or courses, just check out the profile that meets your needs, and find the course to help you release your inner person power!

In total there are eight profile clusters, (I do hope that I have you covered here, if not let me know and I’ll make sure I add it in) these are

  • Engagement Pioneer
  • Resident Scrutineer
  • Service Improver
  • Engagement Influencer 
  • Community Leader
  • Knowledge seeker
  • Housing Worker
  • Strategic Decision Maker


So do keep an eye on our website and social media for details of the programme, and let us support you to keep the people power light shining bright throughout the autumn and winter months!

Click here to explore our current training programme

Louise Thompson - Head of Business Services