Introducing Chris Graham

Monday 29th of February 2016

Get to know more about our new board member

I‘ve spent all of my working life working within the construction industry in a variety of different roles, with most time spent working in the Social Housing Sector. Most recently I’ve been engaged in contracts management, business leadership and business development roles.

In my current role, as Business Development Director of Wates Living Space, I am responsible for business strategy, 'work winning' and business improvement. I also support a number of Social Enterprises on a voluntary basis to help them grow their businesses, by providing business mentoring.

I decided to join the tpas board to share my commercial experience and business improvement skills to help tpas to grow and thrive. I have worked with tpas for a number of years and have always been impressed with the quality and commitment of their staff and the unique service which they provide.

I hope to bring my experience and knowledge of business strategy, business planning, and business growth to tpas. I also want to help them become a much more customer centric organisation, anticipating the needs of their customers and adding value in all that they do.

The housing sector is going through a period of unprecedented change, presenting many challenges for tpas and their customers. However, I do believe that adversity often stimulates creative new and better ways of doing things, and with these come new  opportunities.

I have always thought that the role of tenant engagement is often undervalued by housing landlords. Who is better placed to help improve your services and save money than the people receiving them? It also provides an amazing opportunity for tenants to support their communities and really make a positive difference to their lives.

I look forward to helping tpas create more of the conversations that matter.