3 critical questions before demonstrating social value

Tuesday 7th of June 2016

Every week we help clients cope with the pressure of showing good value returns and making an impact on service improvement. Often, when we start working with a client we ask three questions to make sure they don’t miss the important tricks.  

Let me explain some more..

Sector wide there are considerable resources invested in Resident-led Scrutiny including training, mentoring support and the costs associated with projects.

A key consideration is how we best use resources to make positive impacts at community level so we demonstrate effective Social Value. So often I start our journey working together by asking the client:


  1. How well do we consider the potential benefits and impacts that can and in some cases do provide personal development gains for the resident involved?
  2. Do we target Scrutiny recruitment opportunities effectively and promote options for personal growth as well as we could do?
  3. Do we understand the aspirations of our diverse communities as well as we should and could?


These are three critical points to consider and there is certainly no shortage of evidence where our residents and communities experience barriers in accessing the skills and opportunities they need to improve job and study options.

Similarly there is no shortage of households striving to improve household income levels.  We are increasingly hearing about those where individuals are balancing two low paid jobs and can’t see a future to one decent wage and better life quality.


This isn’t hard to achieve, it’s simply about meeting regulatory requirements to understand your communities as set out in the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard and applying results to your involvement approach.  Rethinking approaches to achieve better outcomes and impact doesn’t have to cost more and it can be a win-win solution to improved services and your Social Value outcomes.


At Tpas we know this works, we are already seeing a culture shift increasing the diversity of participants accessing the benefits of learning through involvement. We also have evidence where participants have moved on into jobs they have achieved as a result of their contribution to help bring improvement to whilst also acquiring skills, expertise and personal prospects.


Tpas is here to help you meet the challenges you are facing, understand what you need to achieve and how you can get there. We offer a range of expert, outcome based consultancy to help you achieve your organisations objectives.

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