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All our training is aligned to the National Tenant Engagement Standards.  Our courses will help you exceed the expectations laid out by the Regulator of Social Housing, the Building Safety Regulator, the NHF code of governance and the Housing Ombudsman

Choose from our hugely popular webinar programme, our comprehensive digital training sessions, or if digital isn't for you, why not try out our distance learning courses. 


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Community Engagement (217)
Customer Insight (104)
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Leasehold/Shared Ownership (10)
Measuring Value (74)
Member Forums (84)
Membership Materials (31)
National Housing Policies (49)
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Regeneration (4)
Regulation & Standards (95)
Scrutiny & Co-regulation (165)
Strategies, Plans & Reports (67)
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Tenant Engagement (214)
Tenant Engagement Standards (57)
Tenant Panels / Associations (108)
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Training and events:

Title Start Type Town
Webinar: Tpas National Engagement Standards - What are they and why do they matter? (Free) 22/02/22 10:00 eLearning n/a
Webinar - Getting the most out of your membership with Tpas (Free) 02/02/22 10:00 eLearning n/a
Using Behavioural Insights to Increase Involvement 30/03/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Using Behavioural Insights to Increase Involvement 17/05/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Understanding Performance Data and Insight 18/03/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Tpas Virtual Members Event – joined by Regulator for Social Housing (free) 09/02/22 13:00 eLearning n/a
Tpas Tech Tour (Free) 16/03/22 11:00 eLearning n/a
Tpas Tech Tour (Free) 24/01/22 13:30 eLearning n/a
The Tpas National Scrutiny Club Member Meet Up (Free) 23/02/22 18:00 eLearning n/a
Running a Successful Residents Assocation 14/02/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Resident Engagement Strategies in high risk buildings (Free) 25/01/22 10:00 eLearning n/a
Resident Engagement and Building Safety 22/03/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Resident Engagement & Building Safety 24/05/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Recruiting for Scrutiny 09/03/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Procurement & The Role of Customers 08/06/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Mystery Shopping 21/03/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Maximise the Power of Scrutiny 06/05/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Marvellous Scrutiny Models 06/04/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Making the Most of Your Digital Meetings 11/03/22 10:00 Training Course Zoom
Introduction to Scrutiny 25/02/22 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us