I'm deeply disappointed

Involved tenant with Barnsley Federation, John Townend offers his opinion on the appointment of a new Housing Minister. 

"Looking at some of the CEOs responses to the new appointment of once again a new housing minister (four ministers in three years and 16 since 1997) to say that I personally was deeply concerned would be more accurate. I am 'disappointed' when I receive chips that are not crisp or soggy sprouts, but I am more than disappointed in short term appointments to the post of housing minister.

If the crisis in housing is to be overcome we must have a minister that believes in what s/he can achieve and be given sufficient time in post to set and achieve the countries goals for housing across all sectors but from my point of view the social housing sector.


Tenants would no doubt have a stronger word than disappointed. When are the leaders in housing going to be realistic in their language, worried, angry, ignored, confused, these are just a small selection of words from this wonderful language we all utilise?  Please, if the roundabout of ministerial posts is to stop then the sector requires being honest and forthright in its discussions with government. If CEOs across the sector are disappointed then think how we tenants feel at this moment, we had a minister that we were allowed to express our thoughts and concerns to regarding the 'housing crisis' as defined by government and he has been removed from his post without any time to formulate any plans or policies to assist in combating this housing crisis. This does not inspire any confidence for tenants, or as you would say the customers you serve.

So to all those leaders in housing please do not fail your tenants (customers?) be stronger in the use of language, if you have significant concerns regarding the way governments have used housing as a political football seeking to score goals without any penalties politically or personally then you must not miss opportunities to voice your true opinions when they arise, or perhaps you may feel that no one in government is listening. If that is the case then god help the housing sector and the vulnerable members and families you that rely on you to put their voices and concerns across regarding the future housing market". 

John Townend