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It's disturbing that there's been an increase in stigmatisation of social tenants.

We’ve endured difficult times over the last few years with the continued assault against Social Housing and its tenants; Austerity, the Bedroom Tax, Rent Reduction, Universal Credit and  wholesale cuts to tenant engagement have all taken their toll but perhaps the most disturbing has been the increasing stigmatisation of social tenants.

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The Dreaded ‘S’ Word – Stigma

Jane Morris, Member of Chorus Homes Scrutiny, and Independent Complaints Panel writes for Tenant View about Stigma and how it affects her as a Social Housing tenant. 

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Tenant view: A new deal for social housing? Here's my take on it.

David Yates, a tenant board member blogs for Tpas with his opinion and observation on the Social Housing Green Paper.

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Tenant View: My feelings about the Social Housing Green Paper

We invited Dawn Tibble, an involved tenant with Colchester Borough Homes to tell us her first impressions of the Social Housing Green Paper. 

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I'm deeply disappointed

Involved tenant with Barnsley Federation, John Townend offers his opinion on the appointment of a new Housing Minister. 

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