Poole Resident Campaign

Not all 'Tenant Views' are from individuals. This campaign was created by a group of residents in Poole.

Read more about their view and take a look at their campaign here.


Stop the requirement for councils to hand over millions of pounds to Housing Associations and start valuing social housing again 

  1. Stop forcing councils to sell homes to pay for right to buy in Housing Associations 
  2. Stop the proposals to charge higher rent to households that earn more than a combined income of £30k (£40k in London), for families struggling to get by this is not a large income 
  3. Invest in social housing so that councils can build truly affordable homes for all to rent or buy

Why is this important?

The plans within the Housing Bill currently going through parliament will force councils to hand over millions of pounds to Housing Associations to enable them to sell their properties cheaply, and will look to demolish whole housing estates causing an influx of tenants to look to an already strained housing market.

It will - 

  • increase private rents and insecurity for millions 
  • effectively end investment in homes for low cost social rent 
  • sell off the best council and Housing Association homes, losing them to the next generation 
  • increase social rents for any household with a combined income of £30,000 (£40,000 in London) 

Social housing has been the bedrock of many communities for the past 70 years, providing a safety net in hard times and ensuring that when people are most at need they have a roof over their heads. This model of housing that pays for itself, is not for profit, is not market driven and provided homes to 1 in 3 British people 30 years ago, allowing people and communities to thrive, is now under threat.

The Housing Bill requires councils to raise millions of pounds by selling council homes so that they can give this money to Housing Associations to help them sell off their homes cheaply. At the same time, they want to charge tenants where the whole household taken together (mum, dad, son, daughter, included) earn over £30,000 (£40,000 in London), extra rent for living in social housing, effectively encouraging them to "move on" or not work. We think this is wrong!

We recognise that the aspiration of many is to buy, but this must not be done at the expense of the not for profit, social rented housing and council monies.

Take a look at their campaign page here