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The Changing World of Scrutiny Event - 17 January 2019

Thursday 24th of January 2019

Emma Gilpin, Neighbourhood Manager from Weaver Vale Housing shares her experience of Tpas's Changing World of Scrutiny event held at Cobalt Housing in Liverpool which took place on 17 January 2019.

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Topics: Scrutiny & Co-regulation


Responding to the Green Paper as a contractor

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

Last year Wates Living Space became the first organisation to achieve 100% for tenant engagement in the Tpas Contractor Accreditation assessment process. David Morgan, Managing Director of Wates Living Space discusses the importance of quality customer care and its role in enhancing services within the sector.

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How to review, revise and revitalise your engagement for the New Year

Friday 14th of December 2018

Some of us were brought up on very different three ‘R’s – you know, Reading, writing and arithmetic!. But I want to talk to you about three ‘R’s’ with  a different meaning – review, revise and revitalise.

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Part 1 Video: My challenge to the sector for the Housing Green Paper

Tuesday 6th of November 2018

We at Tpas will be grasping that opportunity by submitting a strong response to the consultation on the Green Paper by the end of today. We challenge the sector to step up and grasp the opportunity too. 

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Tenant voice and power: should mutuality be part of the future?

Tuesday 6th of November 2018

Tpas Chief Executive, Jenny Osbourne considers the benefits of developing more Mutual Home schemes

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