My Issues With Tenant Involvement

I have real issues with tenant involvement in terms of the fact that it is limited to the business of the landlord and many tenants do not get involved for that reason.


To a degree, many Social/Registered Landlords have re-focussed tenant involvement to the needs of the business however, tenant involvement will grow through greater community development of neighbourhoods, particularly as Landlords are probably the key partner with the demise of Local Authorities.

I understand that through recent Government legislation the focus of Landlords have changed. Given that Government legislation is to vastly reduce or eliminate social housing, it seems to me that there is a short-sightedness of Landlords to understand that they can grow support through looking beyond their own business needs and gather support from the wider community -regardless of whether they are their tenants or not. This could bring together other Landlords to work in partnership and generate wider community support against the current Government policy. Landlords need to be more open to partnership working than the level they claim to be at.

They are competing against each other to be the dominent Landlord instead bringing all their tenants and other community members together to reject such Government policies.

After all it is all the tenants who decide who they want to Govern them.

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