Housing & Planning Bill

Janet Storar, a tenant chair for Nottingham City Homes recently sent in her blog to our Tenant View campaign.


"Like some other housing organisations incensed by the then Housing & Planning Bill and having taken part in a local rally and march in Nottingham on the same day as the one in London, in my capacity as chair of Nottingham City Homes I wrote to some “friendly” Peers in the Lords and also some that had housing backgrounds asking for support to modify the Bill.

The letter was oft quoted as the Bill was proceeding through the Lords. However, after initial jubilation that this Bill was progressing with a number of suggested amendments, dismay set in as all but two slight changes were rejected by Cabinet.

In one final last ditch attempt I have written to the Prime Minister pointing out in my view the Act is ill-thought through with parts unmanageable and others unfair – penalising what is a viable third tenure of choice for many in the UK.

Now I don’t flatter myself that it will make one iota of difference but at least going out registering my disappointment both as a tenant of 40 years and an outgoing Chair of Nottingham City Homes".

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