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We’re on the hunt to find 50 determined and passionate tenant voices from our membership - like you!

Speaking out can help change the way people understand tenant involvement. Your words have the power to inspire not only involved tenants like you, but also challenge what housing staff and businesses like contractors, and even our wider society, think about social housing tenants opinions. 

We need tenants with opinions, opinions, opinions.

Whether you write about an event you attended, an achievement you want to shout about or you want to let off some steam about something that really frustrates you - we want to hear from you with your view.

All we will ask is that your thoughts are constructive and that what you have to say is relevant to the tenant involvement agenda. And that's it.

It’s our aim to help these 50 people find a strong voice by helping them in a range of ways depending on what they’ll need. This could be by being invited to meetings and events, coaching on writing and blogging, formal training or by regularly sending the latest policy information.

Be part of something different, make your opinion count and make yourself heard. Social housing in England today needs people like you to speak out.

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Work with us on it

Isobel Leighton, 25, talks about how she is part of the Tenant and Leaseholder Committee with Dacorum Borough Council and the different levels of involvement within their structure.

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There's no place like home

Rachel Blakemore, Chair of the Tenants Board at Cross Keys Homes shares why it's important to "Stand up and be counted".

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Is it the estates that make the people or the people make the estates?

We invited Dawn Tibble, an involved tenant with Colchester Borough Homes to tell us about why she is involved with her landlord.

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My thoughts on Pay-to-Stay

As a lone parent of two young boys – my youngest just turned 4 in June – I have turned up every six months for my job centre interview to check in on my journey to re-enter the work place.

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My thoughts on Housing Day 2015

I am both grateful that I have a safe roof over my head for me and my children, but at the same time I am deeply disturbed by the beating our sector has taken over the last few years

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