Gloucester City Homes: ICA

Thursday 24th of January 2019

Independent advice is available to all residents of Matson and Podsmead, as well as to families, key workers and carers who support residents.

Residents include, leaseholders, home owners, private tenants and tenants of other housing providers.
Independent Community Advisors and Community Action Group will ensure that all residents in the community are fairly and equally represented and have equal access to information.

Independent Community Advisors will be available and have resources in place to support all households, individuals and families, vulnerable or disadvantaged people, people with
disabilities, or people with sensory impairments.

What are we here to do?

Our role is to:

  • provide you with independent advice, explaining the facts in a clear, impartial way, supporting you through what can be a very difficult time and process
  • help you to become more confident to engage with and help shape regeneration plans
  • feedback on community issues, concerns and comments about the impact of regeneration generally

Your opinions matter because ultimately it is the future of your home and neighbourhood that is being determined. We don’t take sides for or against regeneration- this is not what we are here for – but we will explain all of the options and advise you from an independent perspective on your rights for all options open to you.

Useful Documents

Matson and Podsmead Regeneration Newsletter - November 2018