Strategic Involvement Panel Support

Friday 1st of May 2020

This strategic project was working with a housing association with 4500 properties based in the South West of England.

What were we approached to do?

Tpas were approached to undertake a review of their strategic involvement structures focusing on key concerns that the client raised that needed addressing, namely:

  • Current structures overlapping,
  • Lack of cohesion between the structures
  • Lack of interest in working together
  • Reduced impact from both activities

What did we do?

Tpas facilitated a series of group work to support the organisation and stakeholders: This focused on the following: 

  • To identify areas of agreement
  • Consider alternative models of Scrutiny
  • Explore meeting regulatory requirements for Scrutiny
  • Reflect on examples from other Landlords 

What were the successful outputs and outcomes?

  • Reached agreement within the stakeholder group on way forward
  • Formulated new structure with clear focus and aims
  • Gained commitment from stakeholders to work together in a further phase of mentoring and development supported by Tpas
  • Formulated a plan to relaunch a new structure after a series of specific individual and group mentoring/training/support sessions